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Skills and Knowledge

Students working at Dolphin Green & Gold Fund gain valuable experience and learn skills used in the financial industry. Here is a list of the knowledge they gain. 

Dolphin Green and Gold Fund Analysts Manage a $1.2M Portfolio.png
  • Conduct deep quantitative and qualitative research on a variety of publicly traded companies

  • Apply Monte Carlo simulation to develop financial modeling (e.g., calculate intrinsic value)

  • Present the research and pitch the position of a suggested stock to the Board of Managers

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Leverage Key Investment Platforms (2)_ed
Compute a Range of Financial Ratios.png


  • Current Ratio

  • Net Working Capital

  • Revenue to Capital Ratio


  • Accounts Receivable Turnover Ratio

  • Total Asset Turnover


  • Debt to Equity Ratio

  • Equity Multiplier


  • Net Profit Margin

  • ROA and ROE

  • P/E Ratio

  • EBIT Margin

  • EBIT Revenue

  • EPS

Apply the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM).png

The Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) is used to determine an appropriate rate of return for an investment.

In their calculations, Student Analysts determine and use the following:

  • Risk-free rate of return

  • Beta of the investment being considered

  • Equity Risk Premium

In presenting their conclusion to the Board of Managers, students will discuss a company's capital structure, discount rate and the time value of money.

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