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Eric Hanson '88

Eric Hanson is the Managing Director for Unum’s New York City office, where he leads sales and client

management for this Unum flagship operation. Prior to the NYC role, he managed the New Jersey and

Long Island offices. Over his tenure, he has developed many college hires into strong sales, account

management and entrepreneurs. In addition to currently leading the office, he mentors three

professionals through Unum’s Women’s Professional Network program and serves on many internal and

external groups to help broaden perspectives in humanity.

Originally from upstate New York, he graduated from Le Moyne College with a finance and marketing

degree while playing lacrosse. He lives in Summit NJ with his wife, Christine, and two daughters, Kate,

and Maggie. He enjoys sports, exercise, friends, working hard, leadership and family. Reflecting on

thirty years of business and raising a family, he believes in strong character and your word being your

bond. Whether serving customers, helping others, coaching, or parenting; there are no shortcuts, but

the outcome is worth the more challenging journey.

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